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Pondview Topping Pour #2

Pastoral Center Steel Deck Pour.

Here is a video of Runnings Retail Store in Redwood Falls, MN. We are in the process of pouring a 60,000 SQ ft floor with Somero Laser Screed for concrete leveling and placing with power buggies. 

The process of constructing an exposed aggregate concrete surface involves using a chemical surface retarder which is sprayed on to delay the set time of the cement. This video shows the removal of the cement paste with a pressure washer revealing the exposed aggregate below

Concrete pumping and screeding for a 7,200 SF floor poured in Mankato, Minnesota on 9/12/13. The floor is 4 inches thick with wiremesh reinforcing and finished with power troweling machines.

300 cubic yard floor poured with integral thickened edge footings for a storage and production facility in Mountain Lake, Minnesota. The process of finishing the floor was done with a couple of riding trowel machines with applied water based dissipating curing compound.

Pumping concrete for the floor slab on the new Minnesota State University tunnel connecting the CSU and the Library. Construction included pouring a sloped concrete slab over multiple mats of epoxy coated rebar.

Here is another video of Concrete Building Flatwork for the new Shopko building in St. Peter, MN. Construction included placing over 450 cubic yards of concrete with fibermesh reinforcement with power buggies over a 15 mil Stego Wrap vapor barrier leveled with a Somero Laser Screed finished with 3 riding troweling machines over a 3 day period. Work performed by Evenson Concrete Systems.

Here is a quick video we took of us pouring a floor. The project is EI Microcircuits in Mankato, MN. The floor is 5 inches thick with wire mesh and vapor barrier (35,000 SF). We used power buggies and a laser screed to efficiently and effectively construct the concrete floor.