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  • Poured Concrete Walls (aluminum forms)
  • Masonry
  • T-Mass Insulated Foundation System - Certified Installers
  • Insulated Concrete Foundation (ICF)

T-Mass or Thermomass

The THERMOMASS Insulation System is not just for basements. Entire homes can be beautifully constructed and extremely energy efficient. With the many finishes available for the exterior of your walls, you can get as creative with the outside as you do with the inside of your home. By building your home completely with the THERMOMASS System you’ll enjoy solid construction, inside and out that will provide huge savings in the long run through better energy efficiency.

Energy Savings As Much As 50%

With "typical" construction methods, heat is very quickly transferred inside your house, causing the temperature to rise and your air conditioner to work harder.  The opposite is true in winter when the heat escapes and makes your heating bill rise.  THERMOASS Building Insulation System, utilizes both concrete and insulation, creates a performance R-value two to three times greater than that of the material R-value alone, which can result in energy cost savings up to or exceeding 50%.  The sandwiched insulation creates a "Thermal Mass Effect" which prevents energy stored  in the outside concrete section from entering your home.  It also prevents energy stored in the inside concrete section from escaping.

Green Building

The THERMOMASS Building Insulation System can make a significant contribution toward construction of a green building.  For a checklist of items that can help you obtain points toward a LEED accreditation click here.