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Tilt-Up concrete construction is not new; it has been in use for well over a century. Since the mid-1940s it has developed into the preferred method of construction for many types of buildings and structures. Nationwide, over 15% of all industrial buildings are Tilt-Up. They are typified by their attractiveness, efficiency and longevity.

In-place material costs are more competitive than precast, masonry and steel structures; fewer skilled laborers are needed to achieve high-quality construction. In addition, the speed of erection and ease of other subcontractors' work further reduce costs.

Costs are easier to control because there are fewer variables with Tilt-Up. Ready mixed concrete, made from readily available native materials, has price stability. Vertical forming and scaffolding are eliminated; less skilled labor is needed; and, the short construction cycle precludes cost run ups. Weather is less of a problem, since the floor slab provides a stable work surface for the trades.

Positive cash flow - materials are used as soon as purchased, allowing for early payment, unlike off-site fabricated building components requiring long lead times.

Tilt-Up is innovation! This highly efficient, practical method of construction makes beautiful buildings possible at costs that rival the most utilitarian industrial building. Tilt-Up contractors are innovative, and continually work to improve Tilt-Up techniques. Today, there are many contractors are experts in this specialized construction.

Design-build construction scheduling further enhances the Tilt-Up concept! The use of computers in the preplanning and layout process provides the opportunity to make innovative improvements before the design is finalized.